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Toroidal Transformers from
Toroid Technology

We at Toroid Technology design and manufacture high quality Toroidal Transformers for the electronic/electrical industry, with most of our customers situated inside the European Union.

We are known for fast turn-around with a high level of customer service, while also maintaining a quality of our transformers that is second to none.

We offer a wide range of standard Toroidal Transformers and use in-house developed software to design custom toroids between 15VA and 5kVA to exactly meet your specs.

All of our transformers are CE marked and we have the capability to make UL-recognized transformers according to UL506 and UL 601.1 on request.

We also have an IsoBox line of enclosed isolation transformers for the medical industry with all necessary approvals.

In most applications, Toroidal Transformers are a better, more efficient choice than conventional laminated transformers. Some of the advantages are:

  • Lower weight and smaller size. Typically a toroidal transformer is about 50% lighter than a corresponding laminated transformer.
  • Lower temperature rise. A toroidal transformer can easily be designed to a low temperature rise, as the core losses are very low.
  • Low stray field. Well-made toroidal transformers with evenly wound primaries and
    secondaries have a very low stray field important in f.i. audio equipment and instruments.
  • Low mechanical hum. The tape wound core with no loose ends to rattle is enclosed in the windings. It is not impregnated with an organic varnish, common in laminated transformers to subdue noise. This brings a risk that a laminated transformer starts humming when the varnish ages and gets brittle.
  • Easy Mounting. The single bolt mounting mostly used is simple and straightforward. For increased strength the center of the transformer can be potted.
  • Easy prototype adjustment. Because of the whole in the middle, small adjustments of the secondary voltage can be achieved by adding turns. Adding them in one direction will increase the voltage and adding them in the other directions will reduce the voltage

Toroid Technology operates in low-cost Czech Republic and is part of an international transformer group with operations in USA, Brazil, Costa Rica and the Czech Republic.

Give us a call at 0042-0736648337 or send us an email at and we will start the process of getting you the best Toroidal Transformers in the industry



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